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Snacking has never been so flavorful! And Hi-Line Refreshment Service has your customer's favorite snacks available. In addition to offering modern vending machines and the largest selections of snacks and beverages in Northern Arizona, we provide 24/7 professional and courteous customer service. Whether you’re looking for a basic vending machine, coffee and beverage services, or a custom micro-market, look no further than Hi-Line Refreshment Service. We would love to begin working with you to make your office, break room, or retail space an inviting place for your employees or customers to enjoy their downtime.


Vending Machines

We offer clean, reliable equipment including Bottle and Can Vending Machines, Snack Vendors, Food Vendors, and Coffee dispensing equipment.


There are several criteria we consider in choosing the right equipment for your business, including the number of employees or customers, type and variety of products to be sold, and the size of the vending space. We can provide the best equipment solution for every location.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of name-brand products. Some companies use a rigid merchandising plan for their machines which doesn't allow for variety and special requests. We work with our clients to find the perfect line-up for their employees and customers.


We carry a wide variety of products from beverages to snack foods, to coffee and bottled water, and a wide selection of fresh and frozen foods for your enjoyment. Our selection is flexible to service our customers, and we offer items that can be enjoyed by everyone.


The key to successful product selections is open communication between your employees and our Account Managers. If you want items in the machine that are not currently stocked, please make a request through this website, call our phone number 800-598-2263, or by talking directly with our Account Managers.

Happiness is enjoying a favorite snack.


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