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Today's good mood is sponsored by Coffee.


Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, finding the right coffee supplier is important. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a coffee vendor including equipment solutions, supply management, convenience, product quality, and waste minimization. Hi-Line Refreshment Service can assist you with all of this. Not only can we provide a wide range of products, we can assist with delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance of a variety of brewers, airpots, and other dispensing equipment to help drive customer traffic and grow profitably.



Employer-provided coffee and other beverages in the office has not only been growing rapidly in popularity but is also known to contribute to productivity and overall job satisfaction. When it comes to adding office coffee to your company’s list of perks, every office will have its own coffee needs based on employee preferences, workplace size, and layout. We can meet those needs by providing an assortment of specialty coffees, refreshing teas, and today’s most popular crafted beverages. It’s all about offering a truly unique beverage experience within the walls of your workplace. One of our account managers can help build a product selection list that will work best for you.


Our custom-tailored coffee service includes all the coffee necessities – cups, creamer, sugar, stir sticks and coffee, of course! Gone are the days when one of your employees must run to the store to get break room necessities – we’ve got it covered! Our Account Managers will work with you to pick the perfect coffee brewer, coffee roast, and accessories for your company at an affordable price.


We can equip your office with high quality coffee brewers and your favorite coffee brands. Our coffee brewers range from the traditional glass pot to single-cup systems to high-end bean-to-cup machines. We have the perfect machine for your space and your employees.



We bring quality products and exceptional service to retail accounts, restaurants, cafés, schools, and more. From convenience stores to campus dining halls, we understand the relationship between providing the beverages your customers expect and increased profitability – more beverage purchases, greater social engagement and, ultimately, complete customer satisfaction. No matter the need, Hi-Line Refreshment Service can deliver the perfect combination of equipment and service solutions tailored to fit your unique situation.

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